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With this calculator individuals and entire households can estimate how much carbon dioxide is caused by their everyday activities.  Attempting to gauge the total carbon imprint of an individual is a vast undertaking, because the variables for each of us are so great we can only do our best to be as specific in our calculations as possible. 

CO2e Project uses regional factoring to determine the amount of carbon produced when power is generated to supply your home.  The size of your home is not considered because it has little to do with how much power it takes to heat and cool the home, at the end of the day it only matters how much energy was actually consumed.  Automobiles burn gasoline at differing rates and the same vehicle will have varying rates of consumption depending on weather conditions and altitude.  What is relatively sure is when gasoline burns the carbon atoms attach themselves to two oxygen atoms, creating CO2.  The resulting CO2 weighs 3.7 times what the original carbon atom weighed alone, a single gallon of gasoline produces twenty two pounds (22 lb.) of CO2


To determine the precise amount of carbon your life’s activities cause to be placed into the atmosphere would require  one-on-one consultation that goes deep into your shopping habits, day to day activities and other related information.  Most people do not want such intrusion into their personal habits, if you want such consultation please contact CO2e Project to arrange for this service.

To use the calculator for a household simply multiply by the number of persons living in the home.  If you like, you could add your neighbor who may not be concerned with neutralizing the carbon in his life.

Purchases of CO2e Project carbon neutralizing offsets are certified, certificates will be forwarded to you via green-mail once your payment authorization is received.  Provide the name as you wish it to appear on the certificate, as you check out on the PayPal secure server a field will be provided.  You can take pride knowing that you are helping to reverse the effects of global warming.  The certificates are frame quality so they may be displayed, encouraging others to go neutral.

With PayPal secure server payments you can pay by credit card, debit card or electronic check.

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