Corporate Emissions Neutralization


Entrepreneurs understand the need of forecasting, looking forward to the trends and forces molding and shaping their market, ever predicting the viability of their enterprise.  Business leaders grasp, exceptionally well, the benefits of carbon neutralization as a means to reverse the negative trend of global warming.  Fueling the industrial revolution the invention of the internal combustion engine brought mankind into the era of  mechanization, making it faster and more economical to produce and deliver goods to the marketplace.  The downside to the resulting boom is the emissions from all those newfangled machines are outpacing and breaking down the earth‘s natural ability to sequester CO2 by biological means.  In an effort to satisfy the appetite of the masses for less expensive, more durable and readily available goods, industry has been identified as having played a major role in causing global warming.

Business pacesetters are today reversing the trend of global warming and the production of greenhouse gases (GHG) by reducing their emissions where possible.  Taking a step further, manufacturing facilities and construction businesses are recycling their production waste.  Having reduced and recycled every aspect of  day-to-day operations companies are taking a look at their ecological bottom line; they are balancing their carbon impression accounts with Corporate Emissions Neutralization (CEN).  The concept of CEN is a simple one, there is a breaking point where you cannot feasibly further reduce GHG emissions caused by the very act of conducting business.  There is only so much material to be recycled and so many light bulbs to turn off to help tip the ecological scales; if a business is to continue operating there will be a positive emissions balance.  The remainder of a business’ GHG emissions can be offset, bring the emissions account to a carbon neutral position -- or a zero carbon balance.  By purchasing carbon offsets a business is, in fact, renewing the earth’s ecological balance and helping to reverse the trend of global warming.

The Zero Carbon Alliance is made up of ecologically responsible companies who are leaders in their respective industries.  Zero Carbon Alliance companies are setting the standard, proving what it means to be concerned about the holistic wellness of the earth and care about your fellow man. CO2e Project provides businesses with the opportunity to neutralize their carbon imprint while increasing community awareness of global warming and what can be done to combat it.  With the support and materials provided it is easy to nurture a corporate culture of common concern for the greater good, reflected in a corporation becoming carbon neutral.

Businesses offset carbon emissions much the same way an individual or household does, but, on a larger scale and with a greater degree of complexity.  Small companies, with six employees or less, enjoy the ease of calculating their carbon impression similar to a large household.   For groups with more than six employees the factors used to calculate emissions become more interrelated; large office buildings provide a more complicated set of energy related circumstances.  Larger businesses seeking genuine carbon neutrality should undertake a Corporate Emissions Neutralization Audit to determine the extent of their overall carbon impression.  By investing the time and effort to accurately ascertain the quantity of CO2e your company may be responsible for the claim of neutrality can be accredited.  Any business that is committed to retiring their carbon debt will enjoy the satisfaction and prestige of having done their share to reverse the trend of global warming. 


As a Zero Carbon Alliance member company your employees will take greater pride in their working environment, increasing retention and reducing HR expenses.  Vendors and clientele alike will take stock in dealing with a company that is a compassionate industry leader.

For information about joining the Zero Carbon Alliance contact a representative today and begin reaping the benefits.

Use the Corporate Emissions Calculator below to determine the basic carbon imprint of your business.  For small companies this may be all you need to retire your carbon debt, after calculating the total proceed to the next panel and enter the number of metric tonnes you wish to neutralize, you will then be directed to the PayPal secure server.  A certificate will be forwarded to you via green-mail. Larger organizations, please contact a Zero Carbon Alliance representative to arrange for an in-depth Corporate Emissions Neutralization Audit.

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