Certificate Types


In conjunction with the Zero Carbon Alliance program businesses receive this handsome certificate with an eye catching mountain view and a wind farm.

Organizations accredited by the Zero Carbon Alliance to  have reached a zero carbon balance receive a framed version of this beautiful certificate awarding them for their performance as a carbon neutral business.

Companies that have purchased offsets and/or have joined the Zero Carbon Alliance and are working their way to neutrality receive a .pdf version to print and frame, the certificate will state the quantity of metric tonnes of CO2e offsets purchased.

The Zero Carbon Alliance offers marketing materials in addition to the certificate to assist the members in developing a campaign to share their involvement in the fight against global warming.

For Individuals and Households

For Businesses -- Large and Small

For the individual or family interested in reducing or wiping out their carbon impression this beautiful certificate stating the quantity of metric tonnes of CO2e offsets purchased. The certificate will bear the name of the person the offset was made in honor of.

Delivery will be made via green-mail (email).  The green-mailed file may be printed out and the certificate, once framed, will display to friends, family and coworkers the purchaser’s care and commitment to defeat global warming.

Individuals and families can calculate their carbon imprint, then retire the amount of carbon they desire, once the payment authorization is received the certificate will be sent.