Corporate Gifting


As a corporate member of the Zero Carbon Alliance you have a partner in procuring quality items to help you convey to the world that your business is one of the desired marketplaces to be joined to.  Virtually any typical marketing item is available in a green version, your representative can help to put together customized marketing ideas for your industry or target market.

A Zero Carbon Alliance representative can assist you with putting together a host of gift ideas to thank a client for his business, with carbon retiring offsets included.  For instance, a client buys a home from your real estate company; you could provide a nice house warming gift basket including a carbon offset certificate for one year’s worth of energy use of the home.

Contact a Zero Carbon Alliance representative today to find out what gifting opportunities are available for your company.  Meanwhile, please visit our Gifts With Purpose department in our online store.

Recognition is what any business needs, billions are spent every year on advertising to obtain that ever elusive opportunity to be recognized.  For the business going green and diminishing its carbon imprint there is a new and innovative avenue to capture the eye of clientele and prospective employees alike.  Everyone wants to do business with or work for a company with a progressive mindset, going green or becoming carbon neutral only outwardly exemplifies the culture that is the foundation of such a company.