Gifts With Purpose



ifts with purpose, everything with purpose, this is our goal.  As you shop in our store you will find all sorts of good, wholesome things that help to return the earth to a healthy, holistic balance.   All the gift items available come complete with carbon (CO2e) reducing offsets built in.  Next time you want to reach out and tell someone how much you care about them you can state it with a ton of expression.  Often times receiving a gift of CO2e offsets brings the recipient into awareness of how they can be a part of the growing culture of living an earth-friendly lifestyle.

Except for the Tees and Totes you may shop throughout the departments utilizing the shopping cart, then check out at one time.  Thank you for caring about those in your life you may be sending these items to and for helping to defeat global warming.


Please note: During hot months chocolate may soften in transit.