Why Carbon Offsets Are Needed

CO2e Project is improving our collective quality of life by reducing the carbon imprint of the world, one individual at a time.  The methods of reducing our carbon output are many, but we cannot completely eliminate emissions all together.  The world is moving at such a pace that if we do not all do our part to clean up our collective act, we will pass down to our children and grandchildren a broken and dilapidated planet.

Join us in the effort to reduce, recycle, and restore, restore our natural resources and in so doing we will provide a better environment for our families to inhabit.

The need is obvious, the ramifications too daunting, the time to act is now.  We can repair our planet by turning the table on pollution of all kinds.  Reduce our carbon emissions by better combustion standards and limiting our use of fossil fuel burning devices.  Hybrid automobiles and more efficient engines can play a large roll in improving our air quality and reversing the production of green house gases.  

Recycling plastics, glass and metals helps to reduce the amount of carbon output to make new materials while conserving our natural resources.

Reforestation of trees the world has lost in the pursuit of development and crop migration serves to reduce atmospheric carbon by natural means as trees absorb carbon dioxide as part of the process of photosynthesis.  As a forest is planted we gain wildlife habitat, reaping an added bonus for our efforts.

Wind powered turbines produce electricity while the land below is available for growing crops and livestock.  Soaring hundreds of feet in the air these huge fan-like windmills seem to be moving with little effort while the generator is cranking out large amounts of electricity.

Fields of photovoltaic cells soaking up the rays from the sun convert that energy to electricity to power whole cities.  Solar panels have an excellent return on investment as there are no moving parts and low maintenance requirements.

There are other methods of producing electricity, geothermal and hydroelectric dams, but the opportunity for these is limited.  Wind and solar power generation are the two most advantageous technologies with the most power produced for the money.

CO2e Project provides a well rounded opportunity for maximum impact for the money invested.  With projects across the United States and internationally the benefit to our planet is wide spread.  With concern for ecologically smart construction and low impact development of our renewable resources CO2e Project is leading the way in returning to a healthy ecosystem.  Through education programs and energy management consultation our family of products improve the environment for businesses as well as individuals.  Contact CO2e Project for your carbon offset needs and to learn how your business or home can become more energy efficient.

Reduce carbon emissions where you can and conserve on energy so that the power generation plants burn less fossil fuels to make the electricity for your home and office.  Do all you can to minimize the amount of carbon your lifestyle causes and after you have reduced your CO2 to the degree you are capable, purchase carbon credits to offset the rest so you arrive at a carbon neutral status.  Your children and their children will love you for providing the ability for them to enjoy a better quality of life. 

By purchasing carbon offsets you are helping to restore the earth’s natural ability to absorb CO2e and bringing our planet back to good health.  We only have one planet, lets take good care of it.